FACE - Foundation for African Children's Education
a division of Focus on Africa Society (a registered Canadian Charity)

whatwedoFocus on Africa Society has created this division to strengthen its focus on early primary school education. Foundation for African Children Education (FACE) wants to sponsor as many primary school children as possible to attend school in rural parts Africa. We emphasise on rural areas because we believe that is where the need is greatest. The trickledown effect of development in the third world reaches the rural areas last in most cases.

To this end we appeal to individuals in the developed world to sponsor a child or as many children as they can through FACE.

For $165 you can sponsor one child to go to school for a year

You will be amazed how far your $165 will go. Read some testimonials about how your donation has impacted the lives of children in need.

What your donation does for the child every year

Your donation buys a school kit for the child. The kit contains:

  • Two sets of school uniforms
  • A pair of sandals to go to school
  • Exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers etc
  • A basic textbook and a dictionary
  • A durable school backpack

We also give about $50 cash to the parent to help with school lunches for the year.

How we deliver the kit

Each year, FACE organises a group of volunteers to go to Africa. We have started with Ghana, West Africa. We go directly to the selected villages and meet one on one with the child and the parent. At this meeting, we counsel and encourage them and deliver the kit to the child and the lunch money to the parent. We also take a picture of the child to bring to you, the sponsor.

girl1How we select the child

In each village, we have a selection committee made up of a retired school teacher or pastor and a community leader. This committee selects the children in advance of us getting to the village. The criteria for selecting the child is that he or she must be a primary school age child (i.e. 5 to 12 years).The parents must be having some kind of financial difficulty.

In the past two years, most of the children selected by FACE have been orphans, or ones with a single parent with the parent experiencing demonstrated financial difficulty.


Criteria for on-going support of a child

Child must stay in school and selection committee members in the village have to certify that the parent was responsible with the kit and the lunch money given the previous year.

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